Museum hosts send-off for famous fossil


BOZEMAN, Mont. - The Museum of the Rockies officially said goodbye to its most famous attraction Friday.

The Wankel T-Rex is one of the most complete Tyrannosaurus fossils ever discovered. Now it's on its way to the Smithsonian, where it will be the centerpiece of a new dinosaur exhibit.

Representatives for the museum tell us today's send-off celebration, complete with noted paleontologist Jack Horner, was bittersweet.

Museum of the Rockies Marketing Director Mark Robinson said, "It's going to be viewed by 7 million people a year and that's an incredible thing for Montana and such a significant scientific specimen. So we're excited about that. But again, there's always that little bit of sadness to see something you've been involved with for so long just leave."

It'll take 5 days to reach Washington, D.C., where the fossil will be on loan for the next 50 years.

FedEx is handling the shipping; the company donated its services.

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