MSU survey to shine light on roofie problem


BOZEMAN, Mont. - On the MSU campus, the Help Center said they're nearing completion on a survey they created after an increase in reports of roofies.

Those reports were often second or third-hand accounts told to one of the counselors at the VOICE Center, so the organization wanted to gauge how big the issue really is.

They created the survey on involuntary drugging several months ago, and Community Education Specialist Megan Selheim said they've received numerous responses.

Now, they're beginning to look at the results- but say they're waiting for a few more responses to come in before releasing their findings.

Selheim said after looking at the statistics, she hopes to launch an outreach education campaign.

"We're hoping that education is going to help hopefully remedy the situation" she said. "We do think that at least part of what's going on is people aren't equating being drugged with something that's serious and needs to be addressed, and so we're hoping to help them connect those dots."

Selheim said the survey is still open, and answers are anonymous. Click here to take the survey.

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