MSU students talk about campus safety after recent sex assault


BOZEMAN, Mont. - NBC Montana told you Thursday about a reported sexual assault near the east side of MSU's campus.

A woman told officers she passed out in an unfamiliar home and woke up Wednesday afternoon while being sexually assaulted.

MSU officials tell us they sent out an email alert after scouring the area of Grant, 6th and Willson.

We went to that area and to campus Friday to speak with residents and students about whether they're worried about worried about walking alone near campus.

Many of the students and faculty we spoke with tell us they're concerned for their safety and the safety of their friends.

Quite a few didn't even know about the reported sexual assault- they haven't checked their email or they just didn't get the message.

One student tells us she walks around campus neighborhoods all the time and says she's not worried. She says she's always alert and aware of her surroundings.

But other folks say they're going to be more cautious from now on and take precautions.

"I think it's important to take heed and sort of be on the alert a little bit more," says MSU graduate student Kate Kujawa.

MSU student Carlo Caga-anan lives in a fraternity house in a neighborhood just outside of campus.
"We have events over here. It goes pretty late into the night and people just walk home on their own...but after hearing about this, we'll probably have to bring that up and have people get escorted home," explains Caga-anan,

Student Daiane Biva just moved to Montana from Brazil. She says she often rides her bike near campus to get groceries and run errands.

"I'm going to be more careful about it," says Biva.

MSU does also offer a text alert system. That was not utilized in this instance but students tell us they'll be signing up.

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