MSU students react to Montana student who brought guns to high school


BOZEMAN, Mont. - We told you yesterday about how a teen boy accused of taking two handguns to school may have thought about using them.

Prosecutors say the boy was considering "shooting up the school" for "political reasons" and was carrying two handguns in his backpack all day.

He was arrested at Harrison High School last Friday after he reportedly showed two fellow students the guns and one of them told the principal.

We wanted to know if folks think this hits close to home so, we stopped by Montana State University's campus, Saturday, and spoke with some freshmen.
"Yeah, it does.  I come from Colorado and I was still living there when Columbine happened," says MSU student Morgan Harvey.

Roommate Jessie Hathaway says it's hard to comprehend.

"I grew up in a very, very small town where those sorts of things happened to other people in other places and no where near where I live," says Hathaway.

MSU Freshman Brennen Shaw has a different take.

"I feel like people like that are the reason that gives anti-gun activists the ammunition that they need to get rid of guns...If anything, it makes me kind of irritated a local kid would do that seeing as we all use firearms to hunt, to fill our freezers so we can eat during the winter," explains Shaw.

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