MSU students build community with 'Good Neighbor Bags'


MSU students build community with 'Good Neighbor Bags' 11/03/12

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Service Saturday, a day when MSU students participate in community service activities.  This Saturday, students had the opportunity to sign up to hand out Good Neighbor Bags to residents close to campus.

Their purpose?  First and foremost, to let people know about 'Can the Griz', a food drive competition against the University of Montana.  But the bags are also a way to deliver materials on behalf of MSU and the City of Bozeman on how to be a good neighbor.

From a Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe so you can bake cookies and share them with folks on your block to tips from the Bozeman Police Department on how to host a fun, yet responsible, party.

"MSU really takes our position in the community seriously.  We want to be a good neighbor and we want to teach our students how to be good neighbors and we want to also show that we are taking a proactive step in giving them the information that they need to be successful in our community," says MSU Assistant Director of Business and Community Relations Chelsea Schmidt.

Some of the students we spoke to say, handing out the Good Neighbor Bags are a great way to get involved in their community.

"I want to know my neighbors and feel comfortable around the people I'm with and so, to get out there and meet people from Bozeman who can potentially be my friend or potentially help with 'Can the Griz'," says MSU student Garrett Lankford.

Lankford is a Freshman from Great Falls.  He says he hopes the Good Neighbor Bags hit home with folks and inspire them to participate in the 'Can the Griz' food drive.

"It's going to be a hard time of the year for a lot of people.  Holidays are going to be really hard and to come out and help to make sure the people who don't have enough get, at least, that little bit.  It really means a lot," says Lankford.

Lankford says he loves interacting with people.  He says he enjoys participating in Service Saturday events and encourages others to give it a shot.

"Meet new people, might meet me.  It's just good.  It's a good way to get involved and make sure your community is what you want it to be," says Lankford.

Members of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society will pick up bags left on doorsteps with nonperishable food donations on November 6th at 4pm.

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