MSU reveals new Bobcat logo


MSU reveals new Bobcat logo (4-17-13)

BOZEMAN, Mont. - At Wednesday's press conference, Montana State President Waded Cruzado said she wanted the logo to be big and bold, blue and gold, but also something that represented the legacy of MSU well.

"We wanted a logo that conveyed the aggressiveness that our students and our coaches invest in the field, in the court, in the classroom and in life," Cruzado said.

And that's exactly what MSU officials feel they got in the new logo debuted at Bobcat Stadium. The university paid Torch Creative $18,000 to redesign both the Bobcat logo and the "M," a process that Athletic Director Peter Fields said took roughly four months.

Fields said the "M" is oftentimes confused for Michigan or Missouri, but that the new logo, which is trademarked by the university, is unique to MSU.

"We want to be able to say in five years that when you wear this, that people know who it is -- what the M or what the Cat head -- that we've gotten some recognition, pure recognition for the logo," Fields said.

Head football coach Rob Ash said his players are excited for the change, and the team will have six uniform combinations it can put together: one blue jersey, one white jersey and white, blue and gold pants.

"I think this is a very positive and exciting move for our athletic teams to have a logo that's active and exciting," Ash said.

The new jerseys for all athletic teams will make their debut in July, as will renovations to all logos at Bobcat Stadium. Fields said the logo changes around the stadium will cost about $10,000, and to change the logos on the field will be another $40,000.

Apparel with the new logo has already hit shelves, and Cruzado says this is just the first step in growing the Bobcat brand.

"This institution, we stand on the shoulders of giants. But the best days of Montana State University and of Bobcat athletics are still ahead of us"

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