MSU playoff game to be shown at Christmas Stroll


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Folks with the Downtown Bozeman Association say moving the date of the Christmas Stroll wasn't an option.  That's why they teamed up with Fun Flicks of Bozeman and several downtown businesses to show the game on a 21-foot screen.
We talked to folks at one business that participates in the Christmas Stroll every year.
They say it's a great community event that brings out a lot of people who may wander in on stroll night and then come back for future business.
F-11 Photographic Supplies manager Jennifer Walker says she was disappointed when she learned of the scheduling conflict but that she's thrilled to hear she won't have to choose between the Cats and the stroll.

"People who are strolling for the Christmas Stroll can watch the game as well, which I think is a marvelous idea.  So, I think it really is going to incorporate and allow people to still do the things that we do every year, come to the stroll, and also participate in rooting on the Cats," says Walker.
The screen will be set up on North Black.
Coverage starts when the game begins and lasts until it's over.
If the game runs past 8:30 p.m., the time Main Street is set to re-open, Black will remain closed until the game ends.

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