MSU petition: Don't change arts, architecture curriculum


MSU Petition: Don't change Arts and Architecture curriculum 02-14-2014

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Students at Montana State University have started a petition to block potential changes to the College of Arts and Architecture. The petition claims the college is removing enrollment limits and some admission requirements from departments like film, architecture, music technology and art.

For example, the School of Film only admits 48 students annually, and those students are chosen based on grade point average and previous work. Removing those limits could increase enrollment, but students worry that might reduce department resources, faculty attention and dilute their degree.

Film student Max Hamberger says, "It's nice to have that really small class that is kind of an exception to the rule on the campus. And to get rid of that, I think would just destroy what the program has to offer."

Architecture major Elias Horat added, "The gate is an encouragement for hard work and getting good grades and doing well in your classes. And it might take away some of the incentive."

We spoke with Montana State University spokesperson Tracy Ellig, who tells us the petition is getting ahead of the issue.

Ellig says, "We're just looking at ideas so that we're ensuring that the program is as accessible as it can be. And any changes that will be made will involve the faculty."

The College of Arts and Architecture will hold an open forum in Cheever Hall on campus this Tuesday at 9 a.m.

Click here for the petition.

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