MSU engineering grads see well paying jobs out of college


MSU engineering grads see well paying jobs out of college

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Engineering professors at MSU say their students are getting well paying jobs right out of college. They put the average starting salary for their graduates between $60,000 and $70,000.

Professors credit student successes to motivation and programs designed to prepare students for life after college.

Bob Mokwa, a professor of civil engineering, told NBC Montana why engineering graduates are in demand even in the down economy.

"The number of employers coming here slowed down, but most students who desired in their field were able to find that. I think that's partly because we fill a niche that's going to be in demand," said Mokowa.

NBC Montana checked with several engineering students on campus who said they already have jobs lined up after graduation.

MSU senior Hannah Arm said the university has a great reputation which helps get jobs. "I hear a lot  in the industry when I talk to folks at the career fair that students who go to MSU have a good work ethic," said Arm.

Many said they were offered jobs before their internship ended.

MSU requires students to take and pass a fundamentals of engineering exam, which is a statewide test. The national average for students who take the exam pass with a 78 percent. MSU students average 89 percent.

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