Montessori school reacts to nearby suspected meth lab explosion


Montessori school reacts to nearby suspected meth lab explosion

BOZEMAN, Mont. - A Montessori school who's front door faces the back of the Continental Motor Inn says, they are not too concerned about the suspected meth lab bust and explosion.

We spoke to the school director and founder on Thursday. They tell me they found out on Wednesday the man arrested on a probation violation at the hotel, Devon Arnaud, was a registered sex offender. Arnaud is listed as a level three sex offender, meaning he is more likely to re-offend.

We went to Highland Montessori off Highland Blvd. and spoke to Marli Trusty, the director of the school. When Trusty found out about the situation, she decided to go check it out for herself.

"They didn't want to talk about it, so I walked around the outside and just kind of checked it out," said Trusty.

When she then found out about the Arnaud's history as a sex offender, she began to do some research. She turned to the Montana Department of Justice's website, the sexual or violent offender registry.

"What I really noticed was they are all over town, its too bad he was right there but I think you can get this anywhere," said Trusty.

We discovered there are three other registered sex offenders, besides Arnaud, who list that Inn as their home. This news does not shock Trusty.

"We're just saddened by it, we feel like we are in a really good neighborhood here we have been here a long, long time. I think people really trust us and know their kids are safe," said Trusty.

With a good reputation comes trust from parents. We had Trusty walk us through their safety precautions.

" You have to sign your child out, we don't let them go home with just anyone. It has to be your parent or someone that has written on file in the filing cabinet," said Trusty.

She says an incident like this happening so close to the school definitely heightens awareness of what is going on around them. But in the end their job is to focus on what happens inside the school.

"Do we wish they weren't there, of course, but there is nothing we can do about it, we just have to be on our game and hope all other agencies are as well," said Trusty.

We also got in contact with the Bozeman Police Department on Thursday to ask about registered sex offenders living near schools. They say according to Montana law, they cannot limit where they live. The only way that is possible is if it is part of a sentencing order from a judge. We are told that is on a case by case basis.

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