Montanans flock to movie theatres on Christmas


BOZEMAN, Mont. - In Bozeman folks flocked to the Gallatin Valley Cinemas to catch some of major films being released on Christmas.

"We were just talking about how we were surprised that we couldn't find a parking place, but Chirstmas does have a lot of people going to the movies. And then my sister commented that she used to work at the movie theaters all growing up and that she was surprised that a lot of people have the traditions of going to movies on Chirstmas," said Anna Bellitt.

Bellitt was hoping to see Les Miserables with her sister Deb Wilson.  Wilson said her husband recently passed away, and the sisters were starting a new Christmas tradition of seeing a movie together.  They say it's not just about the movie, but the time spent together as family.

"This is just something that people can go and relax and digest a large meal or maybe even just kind of decompress from the holidays a bit and still feel like they're together.  And there's a lot of great movies that open on Christmas," Bellitt said.

Mike Braddock just moved to Bozeman from New Orleans and said he was looking for something to do on Christmas, but the movies he wanted to see were already sold out.

"There's two or three or four of them sold out.  I didn't check on all of them but the popular movies are sold out," he said.

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