Montana Tech hosts annual Career Smart Fair


BUTTE, Mont. - Montana Tech hosted its 5th annual Career Smart Fair Wednesday on campus.

Employers from around the nation set up booths for the students to interview for jobs, giving students the chance to meet the employers face to face.

The employers in attendance allowed students the opportunities to hand in their resumes, apply for internships, and in some cases line up jobs for after graduation.

Students who attended the fair told NBC Montana that it gives them better odds of finding a job versus doing everything on the computer.

"Actually getting out there and being able to network with employees and employers while they're here, instead of getting online and filling out applications; they're here and you get to talk to someone face to face," said Brenna Ferao, a Montana Tech student majoring in environmental engineering.

"It provides a lot of opportunities. I mean trying to do this on my own, trying to get interviews with employers is difficult, so it's nice to talk to the people. Talking over the phone is nice but having a face to face with people, you can't beat it," added Tyler Good, a Montana Tech student majoring in mechanical engineering.

For more information on career opportunities at Montana Tech follow this link: http://www.MTECH.edu/CAREER/EMPLOYERS

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