Montana Tech elects new Vice Chancellor


BUTTE, Mont. - The Athletic Director at Montana Tech in butte is making a big jump to the Vice Chancellor position.

Chancellor Don Blackketter announced on Thursday evening that the University has chosen Joe McClafferty to fill the position of Vice Chancellor for Development and Community Relations.

McClafferty was one of three candidates eligible for the position and will be replacing Traci O'Neill who has served as the interim Vice Chancellor since summer of 2011.

McClafferty is no stranger to Montana Tech having obtained a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from the University back in 2006.

McClafferty told NBC Montana that he's excited to fill the position and will help the University grow in anyways that he can.

"Well that's a part of what we wanted to do we want to grow and that's one reason why I wanted to be in this position was to grow not only the enrollment but to grow the foundation and the endowment," said Joe McClafferty, the new Vice Chancellor of Montana Tech.

 "Montana Tech has a great story to tell we just haven't told it to enough people so as we do that we will continue to grow in all those areas," McClafferty added.

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