Montana National Guard runs emergency training at MSU


BOZEMAN, Mont. - The Montana National Guard was called in to Montana State University Wednesday afternoon to respond to an emergency -- however, it was just a training exercise.

As part of the fake emergency, a number of people were believed to have been poisoned at MSU's Bobcat Club.

In the scenario, local HazMat and emergency services couldn't figure out the cause, so 22 National Guard soldiers and airmen were called in to use their more advanced equipment.

The National Guard said the exercise was meant to feel as real as possible, and explained why it's important for the community.

Cpt. Jason T. Steichen with the Montana Air National Guard told us, "From time to time we want to make sure that the citizens of Montana have confidence in the National Guard and their local first responders to be able to respond to a variety of incidents. So we're just exercising one scenario today."

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