Montana group to start 'dark money' ballot initiative


BUTTE, Mont. - State legislators will meet on Monday to announce a ballot initiative aimed at shedding light on "dark money" spent during Montana political campaigns.

Supporters of the initiative said transparency is crucial to the democratic process. They said Montanans deserve to know who the big donors of campaigns are and what issues and candidates they support.

They said a lack of transparency keeps important information from voters and makes the donors more influential in the campaign process. NBC Montana spoke to people about how they feel about the spending.

"Where is the money coming from?" said Peter Staufer, a man traveling through Butte. "I don't want it coming from some crook of drug dealer or something. I want to make sure the money is legit and it's on an even playing field."

Five percent of registered Montana voters must sign a petition to get the initiative on the ballot.

The legislators will meet at the Great Falls Civic Center at 10 a.m. on Monday.

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