Mariah's Challenge back in national spotlight


BUTTE, Mont. - Mariah's Challenge, a Butte nonprofit dedicated to stopping underage drinking, is back in the national spotlight. The organization and its founder, Leo McCarthy, earned a spread in People magazine.

McCarthy founded Mariah's Challenge after his daughter, Mariah McCarthy, was killed by a drunk driver in 2007.

The article recognizes the McCarthy family's passion in raising awareness of drunk driving and underage drinking among high school students.

McCarthy said he is grateful for the attention the program is getting.

"I was just happy with the exposure of Mariah's Challenge," said McCarthy. "The exposure for the youth that's been taking the challenge and parents -- this is their honor, too, for helping bring down underage drinking and drinking and driving."

The issue of People magazine featuring McCarthy and Mariah's Challenge hits stores in May.

This isn't the first time McCarthy has been recognized for his work, in 2012 he was named a CNN Hero and finalist for Hero of the Year.

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