Manhattan flood damage could cost millions


Manhattan flood damage could cost millions

MANHATTAN, Mont. - The town of Manhattan, about 19 miles Northwest of Bozeman, was hit hard by flooding late last week. Businesses that line E. Main Street were overcome with rushing water in their basements and ground floors. Over the last few days we have watched as the community banded together to clear the flood, and salvage businesses.

On Sunday the streets may have been dry in Manhattan, but pools of standing water near the train tracks serve as a constant reminder of the damage the flood has caused.

Mayor Dave Rowell has been part of the cleanup effort for days, going from business to business to help in any way he can. One businesses who is feeling the brunt of the flood waters is the L&F Market. The carpet inside the grocery store is destroyed. On Sunday volunteers were ripping up the carpet piece by piece.

"Their damage is very extensive, a lot of loss of goods," said Rowell.

Rowell says the focus on Sunday was to salvage what is left, and get rid of what is not.

"These loads of trash right here that are coming out are part of just whats in the basement being torn out, nothing is salvageable," said Rowell.

The rushing waters have caused extensive damage to more than just the grocery store.

"Just general I would say a million, two million in damage," said Rowell.

Along with being the mayor, Rowell wears a second hat as the towns building official.

"Part of my job will be looking at these structures, making sure there is no real safety concerns. A lot of them will need new wiring in the basements, we suffered a broken pipe in the senior center downstairs," said Rowell.

Despite the long road ahead, Rowell says he is overwhelmed with the support they have received.

"We just appreciate the help we are getting from individuals," said Rowell.

The recovery efforts are a work in progress, but every day things are getting closer to being back to business as usual in Manhattan.

For concerned residents and businesses, there is a meeting scheduled to discuss those affected by the flooding. That meeting is scheduled for Monday at the Manhattan Junior High School Gym. The meeting starts at 7p.m.

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