Manhattan farmer takes loss in crops after thunderstorm


Manhattan farmer takes loss in crops after thunder storm

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Thursday night's thunderstorm left Gallatin Valley grain producers reeling. High winds reported close to 90 mph pounded the Churchill and Manhattan agriculture communities.

Officials with the Montana Grain Growers Association report the damage to wheat and barley crops in the County could exceed $50 million.

Ranger Dykema has been farming for over 50 years and lives in Manhattan. Dykema told us Thursday night's storm destroyed his crops. He says it will have a financial impact.

"It's going to be a pretty poor year," said Dykema.  

He told us since the thunderstorm 60 percent of his barley crops were ruined.

NBC Montana talked with Dykema in his fields Friday afternoon. Dykema says a lot of time and money were invested into his crops.

"We put everything into our crops and in the end we have no return," he said.

Dykema says after the storm he immediately drove to his crops and found pieces of his barley torn to shreds.

"There's just straw left. There's no head at all, whatsoever," he explained.

Dykema estimates the crop loss from the storm to cost around $100 thousand.

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