Man held at gunpoint believes daughter is to blame


ANACONDA, Mont. - It was just a couple weeks ago that Dave Schaefer arrived at his home after a routine trip to the grocery store. Then walking through his front door, with both hands filled with groceries, he was greeted at gunpoint.

"It just all happened so fast I didn't know if he was going to kill me or what he was going to do," said Schaefer.

Schaefer said the suspect then pointed the gun between his eyes and said something he couldn't believe.

"He says 'How come Tommi wants you dead?'" added Schaefer.

Police say the suspect, William Schmidt, was talking about Tommi Schaefer, David's daughter.

Within the last few months Tommi was in court facing multiple charges for allegedly stealing from her father.

"He says 'She paid me to kill you,' and then he says, 'How much money do you have so I won't kill you?'" Schaefer told us.

Schaefer says Schmidt forced him into the basement where he waited for 45 minutes while the suspect rifled through his belongings taking what he wanted.

"He stole a bunch of jewelry I had in a jewelry box, he stole a 9mm pistol and I had some money I was saving for my grandkids in my top dresser drawer," Schaefer continued.

Schmidt reportedly also stole money that was raised locally for Schaefer so he could afford chemotherapy for his cancer.

"One of our employees heard that Dave was suffering some health issues so a couple of our employees organized a bake sale a week before Thanksgiving with the intentions of giving the proceeds to Dave and another employee," said Meg Kickey-Boyenton, executive director of human resources for the Anaconda Community Hospital.

Days later Schaefer can't shake the feeling, telling NBC Montana he'll never forget the trouble that he says Schmidt and his daughter caused.

"I relive it everyday. It just scared the heck out of me," concluded Schaefer.

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