Man allegedly fires gun while asleep


BOZEMAN, Mont. - A man tells Bozeman police he woke up to find a firearm near his bed with one round discharged and a hole in his ceiling. Officers responded to an apartment on S 22nd Ave. late Friday night.

According to the affidavit 22-year-old Benjamin Johnson explained to police after seeing the hole, he ran upstairs to the apartment directly above his. That is where he found the 25-year-old victim. Johnson stayed with the victim until police arrived. In the report it says Johnson repeatedly told officials he was not handling the firearm when it discharged. However he then told officials he must have pulled the trigger at some point, but had no recollection of doing so. Johnson also said he kept the firearm on the headboard of his bed. Officials report Johnsons blood alcohol concentration was at 0.00.

Johnson was arrested for negligent endangerment. So far officials have not released the name of the victim. We have contacted hospital officials and working to bring you the latest information on their condition.

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