Major water main leak causes water shutoff for some Butte homes


Major water main leak causes water shut off for some Butte homes

BUTTE, Mont. - A water main broke Wednesday night around 10 p.m. in Butte. It caused flooding and then freezing along the 300-block of houses on Alabama Street.

It's Allison Goodmen's day off, but because of a break in one of the city's main water lines, the water in her house was shut off, meaning a rough day off for Goodmen.

"So unfortunately its the worst day for me," said Butte resident Allison Goodmen. "No laundry, no water, no nothing."

The crew has been working all night and day to fix a major leak in a 16-inch water main.

"The pipe has been gushing water since 10 o'clock night and its still going on," said Goodmen.

Will Lorenz told us he saw water spewing from the house across the street. The water caused damage to his neighbor's home and spilled onto the street and then froze.

"She turned her water on, they said, and I guess water started going everywhere so she had to leave," explained Lorenz.

Jesse Tracy from the Butte-Silver Bow Water Company explains a joint blew off the water main and they shut off the water to repair it.

"Right now there's various people out of water service at the moment," said Tracy. "Which is very unfortunate and very inconvenient for them."
"It sucks you cant go to the bathroom," said Lorenz.

But Tracy says turning off the water was necessary. "We have to come out and get the job done," he said.

Goodmen is impressed with the crew. "They've been doing an awesome job," she said. "They've been on it and as cold as it is out there I wouldn't go out there."

"Its just unfortunate that were out here at 25 to 35-below," said Tracy.

And for Goodmen, it's unfortunate that she wasn't able to catch up on her week's worth of laundry.

The leak was fixed and the water was turned on before 5 p.m. Thursday.

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