Mai Wah Society prepares for Chinese New Year


BUTTE, Mont. - While many folks celebrated the New Year last night, some in Butte won't ring in the New Year until the first of next month.

The Mai Wah Museum in Butte celebrates Chinese New Year every year. Organizers tell us they have already received 300,000 firecrackers.

"We in Butte have a great parade," said Mai Wah board member Richard Gibson. "It's probably the most funky Butte experience you can have. It's audience participation the whole way. This year is the year of the horse."

Businesses can make donations to the museum and in return they will carry a dragon through the building to scare off evil spirits.

Chinese New Year falls on Friday, January 31 this year. The Mai Wah Society's annual parade is scheduled for February 1.

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