Local retailers run low on winter weather inventory


BOZEMAN, Mont. - If you need supplies like ice melt or need to replace your snow shovel, you may want to do it soon.

NBC Montana found some stores might be in short supply when it comes to winter equipment.

Owenhouse Ace Hardware sells snow shovels, snow blowers, ice melt, window scrapers, gloves and other winter gear. Employees told us with a month left of winter, they are running out of supplies.

"We started out in December with a lot of snow," said Larry Bowman with Owenhouse Ace Hardware, "which was a little more than usual, and that created heavy demand there. But the real reason for the shortages we're starting to experience is there's been so much bad weather in the rest of the country."

Bowman also noted that another trend he noticed this year is the increase in snow blower sales, explaining this is because Bozeman's windy conditions have made snow shoveling extremely hard, so more customers are opting for a snow blower.

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