Livingston woman shocked after dog gets caught in two traps at once


Livingston woman shocked after dog gets caught in two traps at once 1-20-13

BOZEMAN, Mont. - "Are you a good girl?" said Ursula Neese to her dog, Solano as they headed outside her house.

Neese said a few weeks ago, she was walking Solano in the Paradise Valley, where she's lived for almost 20 years.

"This was just the perfect day- until this happened" Neese said, referring to the nightmare that ensued.

"All of a sudden she was screeching and yelping" she said.

Solano got caught in two hunting traps at the same time- one on her right front leg, one on her left back paw. Not knowing what to do, Neese called for help.

"Our vet had come very quickly with the sheriff" she said. "He was able to release the traps by pressure on both sides."

Neese recounted that day to me at her second home in Bozeman on Sunday. She, her friend DD and Solano were walking on private land they've walked for years.

DD was so freaked out, Neese said she developed "broken heart syndrome." DD's chest tightened and she had to go to the ER. She was okay,k but Neese was shocked at the incident.

"It is a serious issue for public safety" Neese said.

She said she's surprised there isn't a law mandating hunters post signage, or more cleary mark traps. Though trappers argue that could lead to their traps getting removed or stolen.

Even more, Neese said she'd like to see trapping get banned altogether. Though she added she thinks that's not likely to ever happen.

"It's more about the hunt then it is actually public safety- and how do you balance that?" Neese said. "That's really what needs to happen here."

The ordeal made her more aware of the devices. Now, she makes sure Solano is right next to her when they're on a walk.

Solano suffered broken teeth from biting at the traps when she got caught. But other than that, Solano was okay.

Neese said she won't go hiking in that area anymore, and hopes to spread awareness and mediation on the issue to prevent other dog owners from going through the same situation.

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