Laurel Glen residents petition zoning change for vacant land


Laurel Glen residents petition zoning change for vacant land (9/5/13)

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Residents in a Bozeman subdivision are upset after an investor makes plans for empty land in the middle of the neighborhood. We are talking about 4.5 acres tucked away in the Laurel Glen subdivision. It was originally zoned for commercial businesses to serve the surrounding residential area, but so far nothing has been developed.

Recently an interested investor approached the city with a new idea for the property. Great Western Investments is looking to develop apartments on the acreage.

We spoke to Chris Saunders, the policy and planning manager for the city. He says the application for change formally came into the city in late July.

Laurel Glen residents are against the idea, so much so they started a petition. We asked Saunders how many signed.

"The petition had 118 signatures on it, so alot," said Saunders.

The public notice about the potential zoning change came a few weeks ago. We spoke to McKenzie Sacry who tells us she never saw it coming.

"We bought our house with expectations that something like a café or doctors office or coffee shop, something along those lines would go into the field," said Sacry.

Sacry and her husband purchased their house in 2010. She says they are doing everything they can to keep this land from turning into apartments.

Saunders says the city will take the residents concern into consideration. But the bottom line on this decision is in the hands of the city commission.

"The city commission is the final decision maker," said Saunders.

Saunders tells us the city commission could make a final decision on October 7th. We will continue to follow this story and keep you updated.

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