Last minute travelers rush to make it home for the holidays


Last minute travelers rush to make it home for the holidays

BOZEMAN, Mont. - We checked in at Montana's busiest airport on Christmas Eve, Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport. During the Christmas season, we are told up to 4,000 travelers will pass through this Southwest Montana airport per day.

Travelers we spoke to on Tuesday were upbeat and said flying on Christmas Eve this year was relatively easy and hassle free. Most people had made several stops before landing in Bozeman.

"Today I left from Boise, went to Salt Lake, then here," said Mark Wallingford.

"We are coming from Honolulu," said Mary Lawrence.

"We started at Denver International Airport," said Alan Simons.

This Christmas Eve, Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport expects around 2,400 people to pass through the terminal. Favorable weather in Montana and around the nation kept things moving smoothly on Tuesday.

Deputy Airport Director Scott Humphrey explained it has been a relatively calm Christmas Eve. He says one of the factors for the light travel is because Christmas day falls in the middle of the week.

"Our heaviest days were last weekend, and we will have a heavy weekend this weekend too. Most travelers are traveling weekend to weekend to see family and friends ," said Humphrey.

Travelers we spoke to like Mary Lawrence of Butte agrees that travel seemed light this Christmas Eve.

"It was busy, but there were no delays I know of and everything was running fairly smoothly from what I can see ," said Humphrey.

Travelers say they are just looking forward to being reunited with their loved ones for the holiday season.

"I didn't see her for five years so I am really excited to see her, I can't wait," said Fausto Castillo.

"I haven't seen my brother in a year and a half, so I just kind of wanted to surprise him," said Nick Wallingford.

On Tuesday we checked in several times with the FAA website for flight delay information across the country. As of 6p.m. Tuesday most airports were giving the green light with on time flights or minimal delays.

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