Judge sets bond for men accused of leading high speed chase


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Two Washington men accused of robbing an elderly woman and leading law enforcement on a high speed chase appeared in court Monday.

According to police reports, witnesses say Kenneth Lohman and Joshua Bolten were prowling the Belgrade Albertson's parking lot around 2:45 p.m. Sunday. They say Lohman jumped out of the car and snatched an elderly woman's purse.

The woman tried to reach in the car and get her purse back, but police say the driver, Bolten, sped up and knocked her to the ground.

Montana Highway Patrol reported seeing the suspects' car near Three Forks and attempted to stop them, but the men didn't pull over.

Troopers ended up chasing the car to the Cardwell area, where Bolton allegedly crossed the median and began going the wrong way on the interstate.

Authorities caught up to the car off the Milligan Canyon exit. Lohman and an underage girl surrendered. Bolton ran, but he was found hiding under a home.

Both men are facing robbery charges. The judge set Lohman's bond at $100,000. Bolton's is set at $150,000.

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