Judge blocks portions of Montana medical marijuana law


Judge blocks portions of Montana medical marijuana law 1-16-13

HELENA, Mont. - Marijuana OrderA judge decides to block portions of the stricter medical marijuana laws outlined in Senate Bill 423 on Wednesday- portions that providers say would have put them out of business and leave patients without access.

According to Chris Lindsey, President of the Montana Cannabis Industry Association, a District Judge James Reynolds reimposed an injunction that blocks the parts of SB 423 that limits providers to three patients, and prevents them from making back operational costs.

That injunction was established last year, but the Supreme Court overturned it. The MTCIA fought back.

He said the decision is good news for Montana medical marijuana patients, who won't have to start growing their own marijuana.

"We have been skirmishing this whole time" Lindsey said. "Presumably, at some point down the road, if our legislature doesn't go in and fix this law, then we will go into court and actually ask the judge to make a permanent fix for the legislature."

The decision comes after several legal battles over the stricter law, originally passed during the 2011 legislative session.

Click here to read the judge's order.

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