Japanese dino scientist visits Bozeman students


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Anderson School students learned what it's like to dig for dinosaurs in Japan, Thursday.
They greeted their special guest Naoki Ikegami with "If You're Happy and You Know It" in Japanese.
Ikegami is the Chief curator of Mifune Dinosaur Museum, a sister institution to the Museum of the Rockies.
His presentation Digging Dinosaurs in Kumamoto, Japan explored what sorts of fossils have turned up there.
Ikegami also answered questions about what it's like to work on a dig and how the fossil's he's found are different from those here in Montana.

"I thought it was really cool that they took their time to come in while they were visiting here and I think it's really cool that they came to look at our museum because we do have a lot of really fun things to see at our museum," says 8th grader Ali Bierman.

8th grader Brianna Hawthorne says she was excited to hear an elementary student found the first fossil in Japan in the '70's.

"It was just cool to hear about all the different dinosaurs that they have and how huge they are and how little they are," says Hawthorne.

We asked Dr. Ikegami what it was like speaking to students here in Montana.

"I was very pleased that students are so ambitious about my talk as well as asking more questions than we were able to answer and, compared to Japanese students, again, they are so ambitious and really interested in things," says Ikegami.
Ikegami came to town with the Executive Director of the Mifune Museum and the Superintendent of Schools.
They'll be in Bozeman for several days working with the Museum of the Rockies on future collaborations.

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