Jackson business owners prepare for Rainbow Family gathering


Jackson business owners prepare for Rainbow Family gathering 6-26-13

JACKSON, Mont. - Forest service representatives report the number of people at the Rainbow Family gathering topped 2,000 on Wednesday.

Towns in the area are gearing up for a very busy weekend.

Business owners we talked to in Jackson say their main concern is the sheer number of people coming through the town, but they are trying to stay positive about how it will affect business.

Tom Dooling, owner of Rose's Cantina said, "for me, the trick is to handle the influx of people that will be coming."

He said he's keeping an eye on both the cash register and his inventory.

"We're not a real big operation and still trying to get enough food and everything in here to handle is my challenge."

We wanted to know if he's seen any changes around town since the folks started arriving.

"People in this little town," said Dooling, "things aren't put up under lock and key. You do see changes... people put padlocks on things, lock doors."

He explained that will be the "problem visitors," but ultimately Dooling thinks having the gathering nearby will be a positive thing.

Dooling said, "anytime you have a group of people this large you're going to have an element that's undesirable, but the one's who've come here before have been polite and nice."

We also followed up with a number of other businesses in Jackson. They tell us that the last time the Rainbow Family came through in 2000 it was good for business, with some people making up to $35,000.

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