Irving School students and parents celebrate diversity


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Irving School students and their parents celebrated the school's diversity at the 25th annual International Days.

The two-day event focused on the school's large enrollment of bi-cultural students with food, song and a parade.

Parents representing 12 different countries and tribes talked to kids and fellow parents about their customs, language, music and geography.

We talked to some parents who tell us it's a unique opportunity they couldn't miss.

"I think people look at a place like Montana and Bozeman and think that it's pretty homogenous and that's one of the reasons why I love that my children go to school that they have the opportunity to have this exposure and be part of all this diversity and all these different things that they get to hear and learn from first hand," says parent Lei-Anna Bertelson.

Irving teachers says the event is important for the school and the community.

"I think this is crucial for building bridges between cultures and I think that what we do here is wonderful. The kids are so used to children around them who don't speak their language at first and they assimilate so fast and they're brought into the fold and loved by the children," explains English as a Second Language teacher Christine Wagner-Jonsson.  

Students went from class to class to hear from different parents and even had a passport stamped after they went through customs.

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