Illegal disc golf course found at Blacktail Trailhead


Illegal disc golf course found at Blacktail Trailhead

BUTTE, Mont. - The forest service says vandals built an illegal disc golf course at trailhead southeast of Butte. It happened at Blacktail Trailhead. The trailhead is just outside Thompson Park, off Continental Drive.

Damage includes spray-painted rocks and trees designed to outline a course.

Recreation Forester Jocelyn Dodge pointed to what appears to be the sixth hole in an illegal Frisbee golf course. She told us the forest service has found nine works of graffiti.

"That had been painted, both rocks and trees to designate each of the holes, tee boxes had been dug into the dirt," said Dodge.

Frisbee golf, or "folf," is played just like a game of golf, but players throw Frisbees at a target.

Dodge said she became aware of the "folf" course a week ago.

"So we were really fortunate in catching it," said Dodge. "Not just from my employee who was out here clearing trails but we also had several calls from the public."

Now Dodge has to focus on cleaning up the mess.

"Because we have to spend time now camouflaging it as much as possible," she said.

Dodge said if she can't manage to clean off all the spray paint, to camouflage it, she'll actually have to use more spray paint to hide it from view.

"But what it does is to take time away from us getting the trails cleared, and the picnic areas open," she said.

Butte resident Andrew Eichelberger said he doesn't like seeing graffiti on his hikes.

"You want to come out and get on the trails and just enjoy it and then you see the spray paint and vandalism, it's just heartbreaking I guess," he said.

Eichelberger said he understands that people want to come out and play their game. "But there's a little loss of respect there, I think, spray painting the rocks that have been there forever," he said.

Dodge wants to remind people there are three Frisbee golf courses in Butte, and that you can play "folf" at the national forest as long as you don't mark the course.

"This is one of Butte's backyard treasures and Butte should be very proud of the ability to have this type of facility to come to," Dodge said.

Dodge said people caught vandalizing the forest face up to $5,000 in fines and up to six months in jail.

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