I-90 interchange project near Beglrade receives full funding


BELGRADE, Mont. - A construction project for a new I-90 interchange near Belgrade now has all the funding it needs to move forward.

County Commissioner Joe Skinner said they were $10 million short on funds a month ago, so they put their plans to build an 1-90 interchange east of Belgrade on hold.

But thanks to a $9 million TIGER Grant and nearly a million from the state Transportation Committee, commissioners can now begin construction planning.

"It'll be our job in the next several months to secure the right of way" Skinner said. "I think MDT has some finishing touches to do on the engineering. And we hope before June of next spring we will be putting out the bids for construction."

Skinner said they hope to begin construction in October of 2013, and finish in two years.

The project will improve traffic congestion, Skinner said, and provide easier access to the airport. But he said most importantly, it'll improve safety because the interchange will be the only under-railroad access in the area.

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