Historic Butte buildings featured in 'Dust to Dazzle' tour


Historic Butte buildings featured in 'Dust to Dazzle' tour

BUTTE, Mont. - Butte's Dust to Dazzle tour showcases historic renovated buildings in town.

Peggy Guccione, owner of one of the buildings featured, said, "the tour is to raise appreciation for historic buildings in town and they do have 'dust to dazzle.'

Guccione explained the tour is a good chance for the public to see first-hand the restoration process.

"They have some in the 'dust' stage that people have just renovated or purchased and the 'dazzle' after they're finished," she said.

This year's tour will showcase six turn of the century buildings including an old hotel, an apartment building, a craftsman home, and a mansion.

Steve Keuch, who also owns a house featured in the tour, said, "it's just fascinating... it just blows you away what went on in Butte in all it's different stages."

The Butte-Anaconda historic district is one of the largest areas of its type in the country, and there are some 4,000 historic buildings in the Mining City.

The homes on the tour represent just a small part of the town's history.

Debra Pascua lives in one of the featured historic mansions. She explained, "the architecture here is very grand. If you think about how this neighborhood looked at the turn of the century around 1900, there was a huge richness to it.

Chuck Schnabel, whose family has been working non-stop to renovate the Grand Hotel, said, "it's been a labor of love. We like the old building is has a lot of great character, great feel, it's a matter of getting it back to where it was."

It was a booming and rich town, and the "Dust to Dazzlers" said the restorations will not just be for looks. They hope the sweat put into renovations will help revitalize the town.

Schnabel said, "Butte's hay day... to get back to that will also bring business back."

The tour costs $12, and the money raised goes to renovating and preserving other buildings in town.

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