Headframe Spirits wins award for bourbon


BUTTE, Mont. - Headframe Spirits in Butte can now brag that their bourbon is award winning. A national competition called 'The 50 Best' compares bourbons.

Headframe Spirits owner John McKee told us he found out Wednesday morning that their "Neversweat" bourbon whiskey won a gold medal. He said the Neversweat bourbon is a special tribute to Butte.

"When they pick up the bottle they don't just learn about the whiskey, they learn about us as Butte, Americans," said McKee. "And we are very excited about the award but it really has nothing to do with us, and without our customers and without our fans we don't have anything, we'd be done, we'd shut the lights off. So really the award is because of our customers."

To see more award winners, go to http://www.thefiftybest.com/spirits/best_bourbon/

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