Harrison student found with guns in backpack


Handgun found in a students backpack

BOZEMAN, Mont. - A 14-year-old Harrison High School student was taken into custody after school on friday when authorities learned he had two handguns in his backpack.

"Handguns were found in the student's backpack which, at the time, was outside the school," said Superintendent Fred Hofman.

Hofman said he and his staff learned about the handguns when another student came forward with the information.

"I did have one student right after school come in and see me. It took a lot of courage on her part to come forward with the information and I'm very glad she did," said Hofman.

School officials told NBC Montana two guns were in the backpack; one of them was loaded.

"One of the handguns was loaded, the other was not loaded. I had another staff member who was familiar with handguns and he unloaded the one handgun that was loaded," Hofman explained.

Hofman said the student stole the firearms from his parents. Hofman said he is satisfied with how the situation was handled.

"I can't even script a scenario that would have been better in the great scheme of things in light of the information that we had and when we got it," said Hofman.

The student was in custody and faced a judge Monday.

In addition, Harrison High School plans to review its policy to discipline the student.

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