Grocery store owner: Thanksgiving could be as cheap as $20


Grocery store owner: Thanksgiving could be as cheap as $20

BELGRADE, Mont. - In a few days folks will be giving thanks by feasting with family. We looked at how much it will cost to put the traditional fixings on the table. Places like Lee & Dad's IGA in Belgrade are making sure they keep the shelves stocked with all of the essentials. Tuesday night Dan Gustafson showed us around the store. He says they expect people to come in right up until dinner time on Thanksgiving day.

"One thing that always seems to sell around the holidays is the french fried onions," said Gustafson.

As we walked around the store we stopped people to ask what they will be serving at the dinner table on Thursday.

"Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole," said Cindy Holt.

"We are going to have turkey and stuffing and homemade cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie," said Christy Benning.

"Well we are going to have turkey, stuffing, I'm not cooking it, it is up to the girls, it will all be good," said Jim Wisman.

We wanted to find out how much it could cost for some of these traditional items. We asked Gustafson what he thinks.

" It will probably run you somewhere, for four people, around 20 dollars," said Gustafson.

We checked prices around the store to add it all up. At Lee & Dad's, the turkey will cost you 69 cents a pound. For a 15 pound turkey that will cost you $10.35. A bag of potatoes to whip up mashed potatoes will cost you $1.99. If you want gravy on those potatoes, each packet is 69 cents. We also found a can of cranberry sauce for 79 cents.

We found green beans for 89 cents a can. French fried onions for green bean casserole will run you $2.99 a box. Dessert can also be an important part of the feast. We found pre-made pies for $3.99. If you want to add whipped topping it will cost you 88 cents. With all of these items we came to a grand total of $22.57. This is a potential base price folks could pay to put Thanksgiving dinner on the table.

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