Government shutdown spurs protest in downtown Bozeman


Government shutdown spurs protest in downtown Bozeman

BOZEMAN, Mont. - If you drove by Main and Seventh Tuesday around 5 p.m. you may have seen a group of protesters on the side of the road. Around 20 people rallied together as a call for lawmakers on both sides of the isle to work together, and put an end to the shutdown.

We met Sheena Rice at the protest. She has worked with Montana organizing project for four years. This is the group in charge of organizing this protest.

"We need to be contacting our congressmen. We need to be contacting Representative Daines, Senator Baucus, Senator Tester and tell them that it is time to end this shutdown. We are doing these across the state and have been getting on average about 30 people in each community," said Rice.

One of the protestors me met was 9-year-old Flannery Yost. "I want the government to open up again," said Yost.

Despite her young age, Yost held her sign and voiced her opinion. She tells us she is tired of the excuses coming from Washington, D.C.

"I mean, I do not remember them all in order, there are too many," said Yost.

Rice says they want the protest to inspire people to do whatever they can on a local level,  to get congress to make a deal.

"We want congress to get back to work," said Rice.

We are now just days away from potentially defaulting on our nation's loans, and still no deal.

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