Google's Eric Schmidt: entrepreneurs brought him to Butte summit


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Google's Eric Schmidt told spoke to reporter before his keynote address to address issues like connectivity.

When asked, Schmidt explained that he's vested in Montana. He told reporters he owned a home in the Big Sky area south of Bozeman.

One of the topics he touched upon was connectivity, things like fiber optic communication and how that connectedness can play a role in growing businesses.

He explained, for Montana to keep up they will need make sure they have infrastructure to compete.  But that there are many Montana businesses that are primed to grow.

Schmidt explained, "Growth comes from small fast growing companies. A lot of those could easily be in Montana."

He explained that Montana is doing better than the national average on unemployment and better than average economic growth for the state, but says it is the entrepreneurs that brought him to the summit.

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