Girl Scouts look to expand camp


Girl Scouts are looking to expand

BUTTE, Mont. - The Girl Scouts of America want to expand a local camp located just 20 minutes south of Butte.

Every year Camp Castle Rock hosts scouts from all over the northwest region.

The seasonal camp offers the Girl Scouts a chance to connect with nature through various outdoor activities.

"They come to camp for the experiences, for the memories, and they learn a lot.  By updating some things we can give them better memories, more fun and more experiences, more valuable experiences," said Dawn McCloney, a coordinator for the Girls Scouts of America.

The plan is to expand the camp in a variety of ways, ultimately allowing the site the ability to host more people.

The Girl Scouts of America board of directors approved the plan back in 2010. Now they want feedback from those who will be using the camp

"We have the opportunity to develop the camp as we see best fitted to not only what our girls are asking us to put together for programming but what also fits our vision and our mission in developing their leadership experience," said Stefanie Harrington, the property director.

The new plan also outlines the best ways for the camp to utilize council resources so the staff can provide programs specific to what the scouts would want.

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