Gallatin County Sheriff stands behind state-wide gun control letter


BOZEMAN, Mont. - The Montana Sheriff's and Peace Officer's Association wrote a letter outlining the organization's stance on gun control- and Gallatin County Sheriff Brian Gootkin gave his seal of approval.

According to the MSPOA, it will quote "not waver in our defense of the constitution and will stand to preserve our constituents' right to possess firearms."

The letter goes on to say the group "feels that any legislation that takes away constitutional protections, including gun rights, from law-abiding citizens will not alleviate or eliminate the threat from violent or mentally ill individuals."

Sheriff Gootkin agrees with the statement, and told us on Tuesday he wants to focus on mental health services, not gun control.

"Let's not focus so much on guns and let's talk about the real problem" he said. "It was sick, evil people that killed other people. It wasn't the guns that killed other people. So that's what we're trying to focus our attention and energy and resources on."

The letter also says the association will get involved in the legislative process.

Click here to read the full MSPOA letter, and Sheriff Gootkin's endorsement.

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