Gallatin County residents to see slight tax increase


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Gallatin County residents will see a slight increase in taxes. That's after commissioners finalized the budget Tuesday.

We sat down with Finance Director Ed Blackman to get the facts on why. He broke down the numbers for us:

Blackman says they have to start paying back a $2 million loan for the I-90 Interchange project. That's going to cost close to $230,000.

The legislature passed a 1-percent raise for the public employee retirement system. Blackman says that sets the county back around $113,000.

He tells us the county couldn't absorb costs of the Affordable Care Act in the regular budget, that's around $76,000. $25,000 for the road department and another $39,000 for Search and Rescue puts the total around $450,000.

But Blackman says they came out with more money than they originally estimated and will only seek a little more than $255,000 from taxpayers. That's roughly an additional $4.50 for a $300,000 home.

Blackman tells us he was pleased with the budget overall.

"I think, overall, the commission kept the budget within reason so, we can fund it not only this year but future years without requiring an increase in taxes," says Blackman.

He says it wasn't a very difficult budget this year, especially compared to previous years.

Blackman adds that can change in a minute with a lawsuit or if they find they missed something.

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