Gallatin County Commissioners begin 2014 budget meetings


BOZEMAN, Mont. - The Gallatin County Commission began hammering out next year's budget, Wednesday.

One by one, Gallatin County officials moved through each county agency, from the health department to Justice Court.

We listened to folks from the Gallatin County Sheriff's office make their case for more personnel.

They tell us they're looking for a service technician. Filling that position would free up a deputy so he can return to patrol.

Undersheriff Dan Springer says it would also allow for their school resource officer to go full-time, granting them more of an opportunity to get involved in schools.

"There's a constant need for that school resource officer. We get phone calls all the time about teachers needing a talk here or a talk there or a kid that's gotten into trouble or just issues that are at home that the deputy might be able to help them with so, it's a much needed position in the county," says Gallatin County Undersheriff Dan Springer.

Springer says they're also looking at personnel on the detention center side.

He says they're hoping to get a booking clerk, that way detention officers can spend less time on paperwork and more time working with inmates.

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