Gallatin County Commission discusses new pool at fairgrounds


BOZEMAN, Mont. - At the meeting Tuesday morning, Commissioners said they are on board with letting the city build an aquatic center at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds.

This comes after the City Commission made a late-night decision Monday to keep running Bogert Pool the way it is, indefinitely- but continue with plans to build a new outdoor pool somewhere else.

The Fairgrounds Master Plan calls for a pool in place of the current Greenway Shooting Range, and just last week the Fair Board decided they'd like to continue discussions with the City of Bozeman on building a pool.

It's one of several options the City could pursue as they figure out what their new aquatics center would look like. They could also choose to team up with nonprofits like the YMCA, or let private entities take over to build.

The County said Tuesday's discussion was about preliminary approval and support of the idea- so if the City wants to go that route, they can.

"We didn't want to go five or six months down the road with people in the city and county staff, people spending a lot of time on this if our answer was going to be 'no,'" said Commission Joe Skinner, after the meeting. "So we're just saying, 'Yeah, we're generally supportive of it, and proceed.'"

Though Commissioners favored the idea, they didn't make an official decision and instead will continue discussing the subject in a few weeks.

Commissioner Skinner said they're waiting for the Fair Board to work out a few more details before the Commission continues forward and investigates the possibility.

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