Gallatin County Commission could express interest in new Fairgrounds pool


Gallatin County Commission could express interest in new Fairgrounds pool

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Just a day after City Commissioners could decide the historic Bogert Pool's fate, County Commissioners could look toward a future outdoor pool.

"It's just the first step telling the public that we're considering it, and there's details to be worked out," said Conservation and Parks Director Michael Harris.

He said on Tuesday, the Commission is set to discuss if they'd be OK with the city possibly building a new swim center at the Fairgrounds.

"That was put on the master plan back in 2007 as a good fit for the Fairgrounds," said Fairgrounds Manager Sue Shockley.

Earlier this week, Shockley told us a pool's been in the plan -- and just a couple days ago, the Gallatin County Fair Board decided they'd like to continue the process to see what's possible for building that pool.

A committee is set to look over the details, and report back to the board.

But this is just one of several options the city could pursue for a new pool. Another is partner with the YMCA, who's planning to build a new community center near Regional Park.

"We are drawing what a YMCA could look like," said Andrea Stevenson, about where they're at in the process. "As we move forward, it'd be very exciting to share with the community."

She said they will then figure out how much the facility would cost, and begin to raise funds. Right now, they're planning for an indoor aquatic center as part of the facility- but says if the city jumps on board, they could add an outdoor pool.

But if the city decides not to go that route, Stevenson said they'll continue ahead with their plans anyway.

Harris said Tuesday's county discussion could open up dialogue with the fairgrounds option, but stressed it's a very preliminary step and not a final decision.

He said there'd be a long process of due diligence and research before they would officially move ahead.

"If all that is worked out, and the city thinks it's a good site and the county thinks it's a good site- will we then enter into a contract to locate it there," he said.

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