Gallatin Co. Sheriff's Office seizes malnourished cattle


Gallatin Co. Sheriff's Office seizes malnourished cattle

BOZEMAN, Mont. - The Gallatin County Sheriff's office seized more than 100 cows near Clarkston on Wednesday, after finding them neglected on a ranch.

The cattle are beginning their recovery at the Headwaters Livestock Company. The sheriff's office said their visible ribs and disheveled appearance are signs they were not being taken care of.

"After doing a short investigation on that, it was determined that there did appear to be some neglect that was concurring," explained Gallatin County Undersheriff Dan Springer.

Springer said they received a tip that a head of cattle on a ranch in the Clarkston area was malnourished.

They began investigating on Tuesday, and found about 130 cows in pretty bad shape. On Wednesday, they decided to seize them from the ranch, and bring them to Headwaters Livestock Company.

Springer said some of the cattle were too sick to revive, and they did not make it.

"There have been some that have died in the process of moving," said Springer. "There's also been some that have died prior possibly. That's all part of the investigation at this point."

Springer said the investigation is still underway to determine whether the owner of the cows will face charges.

"There's a lot of information we have to receive from veterinarians and those kind of people that understand the health and nutrition of a cow better than we would," he said.

For now, the cows will stay at the stockyard until the courts decide what to do with the herd.

The sheriff's office said people have already called in offering to donate hay and other supplies to the help the head of cattle.

 If you are interested in the donation of Hay, please contact the Gallatin County Animal Control Officer at 580-4800. Other donation sites will be established at American Federal Savings Bank under Sheriff's Cattle fund.

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