FWP: Grizzly bear poaching rare


BOZEMAN, Mont. - We contacted Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks on Wednesday to learn more about poaching, and grizzly cases in particular.

FWP Spokesperson Andrea Jones reiterated that grizzly bears are a threatened species under the endangered species act, and cannot be hunted. Jones says they always have poaching cases under investigation, the more common poaching investigations include those of deer and elk.

"Grizzly bear poaching is fairly rare. In the last 10 years, we have probably just had a handful of cases, the thing is with a grizzly bear for example, you can't just hang it on your wall because folks know that's illegal to hunt in Montana," said Jones.

She urges hunters to brush up on their bear knowledge so they can easily spot a grizzly in the heat of the moment and decide when to hold back from taking the shot.

"It can be really tough sometimes to tell the difference if you are a hunter, you really need to take your time and really evaluate whether what you are looking at is indeed a black bear, if you are not sure, you don't take the shot, that's it," said Jones.  

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