Future unclear for Manhattan football coach after lawsuit dismissed


Future unclear for Manhattan football coach after lawsuit dismissed

MANHATTAN, Mont. - A judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by several Manhattan high school parents, because football season is over. Coach Dale McQuery was put on paid administrative leave in September,  but reinstated by court order for the final game of the season. In Manhattan Thursday, we stopped by the high school and district office and was told they could not comment.

From what we understand, the underlying issue lies with the Manhattan school district finding McQueary failed to deposit more than $8,300 in a school fundraising account in 2011. The documents say most of the money was returned, but there are still a few hundred dollars unaccounted for.

Despite the findings in the report that was released just before the final game of the season, parents of some of the players sued to get him back on the field. We spoke to attorney Karl Knuchel who is representing that group of parents.

"The hearing would not have gone into the underlying problems between the district. It would have gone into whether or not  there is irreparable harm, that is there is no other remedy available," said Knuchel.

Knuchel said because last week's game against Boulder ended in a loss, Manhattan will not reach playoffs this season, meaning the season is over and the lawsuit is no longer applicable.

"There is nothing at risk any longer," said Knuchel.

As far as McQueary's coaching status next year, Knuchel says he is not sure what will happen.

"Well, it is going to be between the district and Dale, if Dale decides to reapply as I understand the coaching positions are annual appointments, annual contracts, and it would be between Dale and the district about the contract for the next season and the coming seasons," said Knuchel

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