Future uncertain for popular Bozeman pool


future uncertain for popular bozeman...

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Bogert Pool in Bozeman is leaking, anywhere from 8,000 to 10,000 gallons of water every day.

We spoke with aquatics manager Dan McCarthy about the existing issues -- he showed us just where the problems are.

"This one starts here at the base of the pool, and curves out. It runs through the entire swimming pool to the other side," said McCarthy.

Facility managers say they are doing their best to keep the popular spot open for the summer.

"It has been around since 1939. It is incredibly important to the community," said McCarthy.

When we spoke to City Manager Chris Kukulski, he expressed the same feeling, saying the pool will remain open as long as possible.

"We will not shut it down prematurely. We will do everything in reason to keep it open," said Kukulski.

He also tells us because they are planning for a new facility in the future, it would not make sense to heavily invest in the existing facility.

This means limited repairs and upgrades for the existing pool.

"It is just shy of $500,000 to replace the shell, replace the gutter, and replace the boiler," said Kukulski.

For now, the city is taking it day by day.

"Because it is so old, were just dealing with something that may last five more years, maybe it will go seven more years. You just don't know," said Kukulski.

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