Friends, family hold memorial service for shooting victim


Friends and family hold memorial service for shooting victim (8-13-13)

BUTTE, Mont. - Friends of Mark Partelow said he was daring and fun, but most importantly, compassionate to anyone he met.

"You can't get a better friend, more true, more loyal," said lifelong friend Lincoln Vaughn. "He would rip his shirt right off his back for somebody he didn't even know. It didn't matter."

Vaughn met Partelow in the fifth grade, and they were best friends from that moment on.

"We went through so many trials and tribulations and fist fights and disagreements," he explained, "but we would always be able to bury the hatchet and remain friends."

At Partelow's memorial service Tuesday, the room was jam-packed.

His mother didn't want any cameras in the service, so NBC Montana spoke with his friends outside.

Friend Con Murphy said, "I bet you every single one of these people has got something to say, like he's helped them out and done something for them."

Murphy knew Partelow for about 15 years.

"He meant a lot to me," he said. "He was a golden person. He'd have your back for anything. If you were a friend of his or family of his, he would definitely be there 100 percent for you."

They all shared the same sentiment about his death.

Vaughn said, "It's senseless the way he died. I don't know the circumstances; I just know it was senseless."

"I really don't understand what it was really all about," said Murphy. "I don't know."

But they do know it was unnecessary, and he won't soon be forgotten

"I'll always love him forever," said Vaughn.

Police arrested two men in connection with Mark Partelow's death. 24-year-old Jeffery Bruce Lackman has been charged with deliberate homicide. Juan Jose Romero has been charged with deliberate homicide by accountability.

They are due back in court early next month.

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